How can I increase the number of people who visit my messenger? Since the platform has become an integral part of marketing efforts, it’s important to consider the various options that can be used to boost the number of visits. This article will talk about some of the tools that we used and how they performed.

Make an Ad and Direct It to The Messenger

Although this is becoming more common, it’s still not widely used by most brands. This method involves redirecting the audience of your ads to the page’s chat window.

Advertising Messages

This is a simple way to promote your page and reach out to people who have been talking to you in Messenger. It can be done by broadcasting a message to people who have started a conversation but have not deleted it since it was first initiated. This is an exception to the 24-hour rule in Messenger. It can be used to re-engage people who have not been active for a long time.

Customer Chat Plugin

The tool will allow you to send traffic to your messenger client from your website or destination page. It doesn’t require any coding and can be done in just minutes.

Discover The Tab in Messenger

To add your page to the Discovery Settings of Messenger, you must first register it. Doing so takes around 10 minutes, and although you can do it easily, it won’t produce much results.

Links (M.E.)

You should enhance the experience of your Messenger by using the link for message marketing.

Messaging Codes

QR codes, which are similar to messaging codes, can be printed on various materials such as posters, brochures, and ads.

Assistive Software – Send to (Send to Messenger Plugin)

This plug-in puts a button on your website (or cart, for example), where users can subscribe to your Messenger experience. A button can be customized in several ways: changing its appearance and color, but more importantly the urge to click on it.

You Can Start Building Your Chat Bot Today

With our SocialMate platform, you can start building your first Boot Screen simply and easily, without any special skills or software knowledge. You can start by looking at Docs from here that will take you step-by-step until you succeed at the Boot Chat work that’s right for you!