Due to the increasing popularity of chatbots and the need for instant customer service, the debate about whether or not they should be used in business has been growing. There are a lot of arguments supporting both sides of the argument. While they can be beneficial to both consumers and businesses, they can also be very nuisances for people who just want to talk to a human being.

Enhancing The Online Experience

Chatbots are becoming more prevalent in today’s on-demand world, which means they can help solve the many issues that customers have when it comes to navigating through the various online services available. According to a survey, over 30% of respondents said they have a hard time finding the right answers to simple questions, and 27% stated that it takes them too long to find the services they need.

A lot of people are put off using websites due to these simple issues, and businesses are failing to provide the customer experience they’re looking for. By using marketing technology, such as chatbots, they can fix these issues.

Machine learning has made chatbots more intelligent, and they can now answer customers’ simple questions. They’re ideal for small businesses that don’t have the manpower to handle the volume of inquiries.

Dutch airline KLM has been using a chatbot known as Bluebot to help people book flights using its website. According to reports, the AI was able to handle over 1.7 million messages sent to the chatbot during the course of a year. It’s believed that this tool can be very useful for small businesses as it can handle the large number of inquiries that customers typically send.

Not only can these AIs help improve the customer experience, they can also help boost the profitability of your business. A lot of people leave a website if they don’t get the help they need quickly, which means that a chatbot’s ability to respond immediately could help retain potential customers. In addition, they can reduce the number of people that a company has to hire to provide customer service.

Use Chatbots In Business Smartly

Despite the various advantages of chatbots, a lot of consumers still don’t like them. According to a survey conducted by GetApp, over 30% of consumers prefer to speak with someone over the phone. Only 9% said they would use chatbots as their preferred form of communication.

Despite the number of people who use messenger, 9% of them are still a considerable amount. According to a survey, 12% of customers value fast responses to inquiries.

While chatbots are great for handling simple inquiries, they should be avoided when dealing with more complex problems or customers who need immediate assistance. AI is capable of handling simple queries, but customers who need more complex assistance may benefit from a live agent.

A survey also revealed that 30% of consumers are worried that chatbots will make mistakes. This could cause them to get frustrated if they have a problem.

Although chatbots are great for handling simple inquiries, they should be avoided when dealing with more complex problems or customers who need immediate assistance. Instead, you should hire a dedicated team of experts to handle the requests from customers who need more complex solutions.

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