A trend that’s been seen in chatbot UI/ UX is the use of button-based menus. These features are useful for new users who have no idea how a chatbot works or what it can do for them. They can be used to show a different option.

A well-designed button can improve the experience of your users. However, if it’s implemented carelessly, it can cause a stir up.

These features allow users to respond to your chatbot without having to type in long text. They can also choose the information they’re interested in. It’s convenient for mobile users.

Button-based menus can trigger various actions within the chatbot conversation. They can also allow users to switch between different parts of the conversation. This can help maintain a positive interaction between the users and the bot.

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 hacks that will help you create effective buttons for your chatbot.

1. Use Succinct And Impactful Copy

It can be very challenging to create a copy for the button, as it might be confusing for the users when they see a long text. In order to increase the users’ likelihood to click the button, it’s important that you make the copy short and precise.

2. Make Conversational And Communicative Buttons

Instead of trying to make your chatbot seem like a machine that can answer questions, it’s important that it’s designed to be interactive and dynamic. This means that it should focus on the needs and context of its users. It should also use various linguistic expressions and intonations to make its conversation easier to understand.

3. Create Buttons For The Appropriate Actions

When users are asked a question, they will have the choice between “yes” or “no.” These types of questions allow you to ask them about their interest in a certain service or product. In order to improve the flow of the conversation, we suggest adding more contextual buttons. These will allow users to quickly find out what information is available to them.

4. Avoid Perplexing Your Users

To make a conversation more simple and understandable, you can add images and emojis to the button. These can help users understand what the button means or what action it can take. This could also improve the interaction between users.

5. Effectively Limit The Number of options

The best way to get the most out of your buttons is by giving them a few options. This will allow them to make quick decisions and make it easier for the users to interact.

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